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The Jerusalem Assassin
Joel C Rosenberg
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $38.99
(releases Mar 17 2020)
Chasing Vines
Beth Moore
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $19.99
My Place in God's World
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $19.99
In Pursuit of Love
Rebecca Bender
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $23.99
Two Weeks
Karen Kingsbury
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $22.99
Easter Ideals 2020
Melinda Lee Rathjen
Paperback | Feb 2020
on order $15.99
(releases Feb 4 2020)
When Your Kid Is Hurting
Kevin Leman
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $17.99
The Time of Jacob's Trouble
Donna VanLiere
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $21.99
(releases Mar 17 2020)
Defeating Dementia
Richard, MD, FACS Furman
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $15.49
The Day Approaching
Amir Tsarfati
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $21.99
(releases Mar 3 2020)
Her Rebel Heart
Sharlene MacLaren
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $16.99
Jesus Calling
Sarah Young
Boardbook | Jan 2020
in store $15.99
Collision of Lies
Tom Threadgill
Paperback | Feb 2020
on order $21.99
(releases Feb 4 2020)
Prophetic Words for 2020
Larry Sparks
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $19.99
The Traitor's Pawn
Lisa Harris
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $21.99
(releases Mar 31 2020)
More Than We Remember
Christina Suzann Nelson
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $19.99
(more on order)

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New Titles Added!

Outlet Fiction
$7.97ea or Any 3 for $20
Final Sale!!!
All About Us #6
Shelley Adina
Paperback | Jan 2010
in store (bargain) $7.97
The Captive Brides Collection
Jennifer AlLee
Paperback | Oct 2017
not in store $22.99
(available for order)
And If I Die
John Aubrey Anderson
Hardcover | Aug 2007
in store (bargain) $7.97
Love's Sacred Song
Mesu Andrews
Paperback | Mar 2012
in store (bargain) $7.97
Waves of Mercy
Lynn Austin
Paperback | Oct 2016
not in store $24.50
(available for order)
The Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips
Stephen Baldwin
Paperback | Nov 2008
in store (bargain) $7.97
The Regency Brides Collection
Amanda Barratt
Paperback | Nov 2017
in store (bargain) $7.97
We Hope for Better Things
Erin Bartels
Paperback | Jan 2019
in store $12.99
Brides of Kansas
Tracey V Bateman
Paperback | Aug 2017
not in store $17.99
(available for order)
Lisa T Bergren
Paperback | Feb 2018
not in store $22.99
(available for order)

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Welcome to The Lighthouse Family Resource Centre!
Fredericton's full service Christian Bookstore since 1992
Order online or try our prompt and personal service by phone or email.


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My favorite Christian bookstore! Every year I come to New Brunswick for vacation I cant leave without visiting here! They have everything from books to music to movies to resources, bibles etc. The list can still go on! You will NOT be disappointed! 🤗
Trina Lamb.
Such love, support and comfort from the moment you walk in. Easy to browse. Music is lovely. Colours and decor items are pleasing. Prices good. Christ-central. Love this shop!
Lisa Chapman.

This store is a great place to find Christian books and music.
Tanisha Christie.

A quality and well stocked store. Great room for browsing the aisles...amazing choices. My 89 year old mother was able to take advantage of a 45% off sale on a Bible she purchased for a personal care worker. Perfect! Very pleased with my purchase also for my grandchildren. Highly recommended!!
Joanne LeRoy.

Great collection of contemporary Christian music. They have lots of gifts and awesome staff too.
Brian Curtis.

In the city of Fredericton the Lighthouse is the only Christian book store. This store has a long history in the city. It's location outside the main shopping district is not a hinderence. There is easy access and ample parking. The inventory is surprisingly large and varied. The store is well lit and clean. The merchandise is attractively displayed and logically arranged. What they don't have, they will order.
Gordon Wilson.

Great source for Christian Books, Bibles, videos and CDs, along with Sunday School materials and Church Bulletins. Very few of this type of store in New Brunswick.
Chico Christie